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The National Executive are responsible for managing the business and affairs of Brown Swiss Australia and, in conjunction with the National Council, govern the Association. The National President, Chief Executive Officer and National Executive members can be contacted at any time on all matters relating to the Association.

National President: Steve Huth E: T: 0488 735 539

Vice President: Julie Andrew E: T: 0418 641 045

Vice President & Treasurer: Owen Daley E: T: 0438 993 938

Chief Executive Officer: Shirleen Evans E: T: 0431 218 003

Brown Swiss Australia currently have branches in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, with active members also in South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. Our state delegates are passionate about the breed, welcome suggestions and are a great resource for members. For SA, WA and TAS members please contact the CEO.


President: TBA

Vice President: Andrew McConnell E: T: 0438 334 955

Secretary & Treasurer: Brie Bratfield E: T: 0448 245 894

New South Wales

President: Tim Wilson E: T: 0428 463 466

Vice President: Owen Daley E: T: 0438 993 938

Secretary & Treasurer: April Browne E: T: 0409 222 563


President: Julie Andrew E: T: 0418 641 045

Vice President: Emily Brown E: T: 0427 858 529

Secretary/Treasurer: Ray Perkins E: T: 0428273583