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Why Join Brown Swiss Australia

If you own, breed or show Brown Swiss cattle joining Brown Swiss Australia will enable you to share your passion for the breed and take your breeding program and interest to the next level.

Brown Swiss Australia membership also gives you access to our registration and classification services along with our database of registered animals.

As a member of Brown Swiss Australia you will also enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded dairy breeding enthusiasts throughout Australia and around the world. Brown Swiss Australia also conducts a busy calendar of local, state and national events, with highlights including our On-Farm competition, Youth Challenge and participation in International Dairy Week.

To join Brown Swiss Australia please complete our online Membership Application Form and simply hit send once complete. You will be emailed a completed copy of your application.

There are three Brown Swiss Australia membership categories:

  • Ordinary Membership – This is the full membership category with voting rights and is for Brown Swiss breeders. Annual cost $170.50 inc GST
  • Association Membership – This category is for non-breeder members and includes limited voting rights. Annual cost $159.50 inc GST
  • Junior Membership – Junior Members must be under 18 years at time of joining. No voting rights. Annual cost $115.50 inc GST
To find out more or discuss your membership options contact Shirleen Evans on 0431 218 003.