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Animal Awards

Brown Swiss Australia Awards provide objective assessment of the progress of your breeding program.

From recognition of superior classification or production in a single lactation right through to all-round excellence over a lifetime, these awards are credible evidence of the merit of individual animals, their families and your entire herd.

Production awards are issued to recognise those animals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Brown Swiss breed in Australia. Awards include production achievement, elite production and lifetime production awards.

These awards add tangible value to your cows and their progeny. The Award Search Fee is an opt out service and members will be charged unless they advise our service provider, Holstein Australia, that they do not want to be included in the Awards service. You can download the full Brown Swiss Australia Award Standards and costs from the Resources section of our website.

Star Brood Cow Award – progeny recognition


To qualify for the Star Brood Cow Award is restricted to females in the Brown Swiss Herdbook, including Appendix females. To qualify, a cow need not be classified but must have produced not less than three progeny classified Good Plus or better.


ONE STAR is awarded for every SIX POINTS gained, with the points allocated as follows:


T1Each daughter classified GOOD PLUS1 point (total)
T2Each daughter classified VERY GOOD 85, 86, or 872 points (total)
T3Each daughter classified VERY GOOD 88 or 893 points (total)
T4Each daughter classified EXCELLENT4 points (total)

P1 Production (Single Lactation)

Each daughter earns 1 point, for each qualifying 305 day lactation of minimum:

AgeProtein (kg) and one ofMilk (L)Fat (kg)

P2 Production (Lifetime)

Each daughter with a lifetime production in excess of:

55,000 litres Milk OR 2,090 kg Fat OR 1,815 kg Protein1 point
66,000 litres Milk OR 2,508 kg Fat OR 2,178 kg Protein2 points
77,000 litres Milk OR 2,926 kg Fat OR 2,541 kg Protein3 points

Total Production

TP2Each daughter qualifying for Star Brood Cow Award1 point
TP3Each daughter qualifying for Superior Total Performance Award1 point
TP4For every 3 Excellent daughters a son produces2 points
TP5For every 25 Very Good daughters a son produces2 points

Lifetime Production Award

Eligibility for lifetime production for cows that have achieved a minimum lifetime production of:

3 (Silver)90,0003,4202,970
4 (Gold)100,0003,8003,300
5 (Diamond)110,0004,1803,630

Production Achievement Award

Eligibility for production achievement recognition is a single 305 day lactation with minimum 3.0% protein and minimum 3.3% fat AND one or more of the following:

  • Milk 11,000 litre
  • Fat 450 kg
  • Protein 365 kg

Elite Production Award

Eligibility for elite production achievement is a single 305 day lactation with
minimum 3.3% protein and minimum 3.8% fat AND a combination of 450 kg Fat and 365 kg Protein.

Superior Total Performance Award

The Superior Total Performance award recognises cows with a minimum classification of VG85 for Type and a lifetime production of 50,000 litres milk, 1,900 kg fat and 1,650 kg protein over six completed lactations, minimum 220 days each. The mammary system is to be classified with the mammary value calculated as 85 or higher. Members should note that the Superior Total Performance award is applied for individually at classification.

LactationMilk (Litres)Fat (Kg)ProteinAward
Six (minimum)50,0001,9001,650Standard STP
Eight (exactly)66,6672,5332,200Silver
Ten (exactly)83,3333,1672,750Gold
Twelve (exactly)100,0003,8003,300Diamond