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Classifying your animals

Classifying your Brown Swiss cattle provides an objective and impartial assessment of the conformation of your cows, and is a means of measuring how close an animal comes to the ideal.

Classification is the key to successful breeding programs and can also assist in marketing your animals. Our classification program helps Brown Swiss Australia members to breed high production, trouble-free and long lasting cows. Classifying your animals will enable you to:

  • Receive a written and verbal assessment of the conformation of your cows
  • Review the progress of your breeding program
  • Define your breeding objectives
  • Make better informed breeding decisions
  • Gain the most from your investment in the Brown Swiss breed
  • Add significant long-term value to your herd
  • Identify genetically superior individuals and families
  • Benchmark your animals with herd and breed averages

To find out more about classification or arrange a classifier visit contact our services provider, Holstein Australia, on 03 9835 7600 or email Australia has provided professional classification services to the Australian dairy industry for almost 50 years, with the service playing a significant role in the improvement of Australian dairy breeds.