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Member Awards

Master Breeder

The Brown Swiss Australia Master Breeder Award recognises the long-term achievement of individuals who have bred at least 300 registered animals over a minimum of 20 years.


  • The Brown Swiss breeder must be a registered financial member for 20 years. It is not necessary for the years to be consecutive. For example, if a breeder is a registered financial member for seventeen years then has a year off, that member would be eligible to apply for Master Breeder once they have been a registered financial member for a further three years i.e. they are a financial member for a period of 20 years in total.
  • The Brown Swiss breeder must register 300 animals over the 20 year period. This does not have to be in consecutive years. For example, if a breeder does not register an animal one year, they are still eligible, provided they have registered 300 animals over the 20 year period they were a financial member.
  • The total number of points must exceed the total number of females bred over this period.
  • The Master Breeders awards will be awarded to the prefix/herd and not individuals of the prefix.
  • The executive board of Brown Swiss Australia will have final approval on the Master Breeder Award and will arrange how to award/acknowledge the breeder.
  • At this stage, a Brown Swiss member is eligible for only one Master Breeder Award.

Master Breeder Points Schedule

EX92 and / or 3E or more10
Very Good2
Star Brood 1*3
Star Brood 2*6
Star Brood 3*9
Star Brood 4*12
Star Brood 5* or more15 (max
Standard STP Award1
Gold STP Award2
Diamond STP Award3
Production Award – Milk2 (no limit)
Production Award – Fat2
Production Award – Protein2
Lifetime Performance – 70,000L or 2,660F or 2,310P5
Lifetime Performance – 80,000L or 3,040F or 2,640P10
Lifetime Performance – 90,000L or 3,420F or 2,970P15
Lifetime Performance – 100,000L or 3,800F or 3,300P20
Lifetime Performance – 110,000L or 4,180F or 3,630P25
Very Good1
Superior Sire20 (once only)

Honorary Life Membership

Brown Swiss Australia has for many years recognised contributions from members through Life Memberships. Honorary life membership is the highest accolade that can be bestowed on an individual and recognises those who have made an extraordinary contribution at every level of the Association over an extended period. Nominations for federal honorary life membership go before the Board.