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Registering your animals

Registering your Brown Swiss cattle increases their value beyond the cost of the registration fee.

Registering your animals shows that you value the time it takes to keep accurate records and the opportunity to identify, track and document the ancestry of past generations and future offspring and take pride in associating your name with the animals you breed.

  • A registration paper shows the ancestry of each animal and is proof of pedigree lineage.
  • By registering your Brown Swiss you are contributing to the conservation, development and promotion of the breed.
  • Registered dairy cows consistently achieve greater sale prices than grade or non-registered animals.
  • Australian herd recording statistics provided by DataGene consistently show that registered animals produce more milk than grade or non-registered animals.

To register your animals download our Calf Registration Template and once completed email to or contact our services provider, Holstein Australia, on 03 9835 7600 for further information.